Empowering innovators world wide. Striving for excellence.
At Itsavirus we are all about developing great digital products. Our drive is simple; we love to develop complex software with clients who are passionate about their mission. We love to contribute to a world in which we are increasingly connected, while protecting our human rights, democratic principles and our planet. 
With a group of over 60 highly talented people, we work on challenging projects that have a positive impact all over the world. Teamwork and an open culture are key elements of our success.
A long lasting legacy
Since 2009 we’ve designed, developed, launched, and scaled great software products. It's our passion, and we pride ourselves on being exceptionally skilled at it. Nevertheless, we recognize that every day presents an opportunity to learn something new. 
Our Culture
At Itsavirus we pride ourselves to have a culture of continuous improvement. Every day we aim to become 1% better at our jobs.
Make the impossible, possible
Working on tech that matters
A constant factor in a changing world
Get better 1%, every day
Close collaboration
How you do anything is how you do everything
Our organization
We use a combination of Scrum and Objective Key Results (OKR's) to achieve operational excellence. Moreover, we aim to have a lot of fun while working as well! We nurture an open culture based on mutual respect, close collaboration and professional excellence. To organise our projects and tasks in an efficient way, we have adopted the Agile principles inspired by the implementation of Spotify.
At Itsavirus we only work with the brightest minds. This means we have a strict hiring policy. Our goal is to prevent mediocrity. Top to bottom. We typically hire two types of people; Experienced and knowledgeable experts or talented fresh graduates with passion for code or design.
Awards & Recognition
Winning feels good

Ever since the start of our company, we've worked on large and often innovative projects. As a result, we have won some of the most prestigious innovation awards in the Netherlands. Furthermore, our team members frequently speak at various events, including those held at the United Nations, universities, and local startup events.
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