Seamless mobility in Asia
Transit Protocol enables the aggregation of different mobility services into one blockchain-based platform, delivering a seamless commuting experience for travelers.
Technical Realization
Blockchain Development
App Developmet
Design Website
Design App
The mobility industry is highly fragmented, with the end user not yet at the center of the user experience. Transit Protocol aims to change this by utilizing blockchain technology and an open-source strategy to open up the industry and create a more seamless experience for commuters
For Transit Protocol, we developed their entire platform from the early conceptual designs to the back-end and the blockchain network. For the blockchain network, we use the Cosmos SDK as a solid foundation to build on. We’ve developed a custom back-end infrastructure and wallet mechanism to manage all transactions.
Easy payments
Users can easily top up their wallets via Alipay or WeChatPay. The in-app currency swap feature is a unique feature within the Transit Protocol application. App users can transfer their CNY to SGD and back quickly and at the latest (low) exchange rates. This allows users to use their money seamlessly anywhere in the world.
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