Senior Front-End Developer
Bali, Indonesia
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Job Description

As a Senior Front-End Developer, your main responsibility will be to lead the development and implementation of user-friendly web interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will work collaboratively with other members of the development team to design and develop web-based applications that meet the needs of our clients.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Maintain/develop UI components and styling following the design requirements.
  • Maintain/develop various application features following technical requirements and adapt codes to the project’s necessities.
  • Identify problems and develop revisions in current projects.
  • Develop quality assurance procedures with QA testers & conduct development tests to make sure the application works as expected.
  • Update and acquire new coding skills.
  • Maintain project documentation to make sure everything is up to date.
  • Attend and contribute to company development meetings. Analyze users’ needs with designers, QA testers, and other software development team members.
  • Conduct code review to make sure everyone is using best practices in writing codes.
  • Coaching & guiding less experienced FE developers.
  • Create technical requirements for an ongoing project.
  • Assist the lead in supervising & distributing tasks to mid-level and junior developers. according to their proficiency level.


  • 3 - 5 years experience in a similar field
  • Expert in implementing design to components required to build an application
  • Expert in frontend basic skills such as HTML, CSS, SCSS, Java script
  • Experienced with one or more java script frameworks, such as React or React Native
  • Have an advanced understanding of React basic principles such as components, props, hooks, etc.
  • Advanced understanding of java script types checker such as Typescript or Flow
  • Advanced understanding of SEO principles
  • Expert in using GIT version control system, branching strategy, and software development workflow
  • Advanced understanding of command line interface
  • Advanced understanding of automatic testing processes such as unit tests, component tests, and e2e test
  • Advanced understanding of CI/CD
  • Self-motivated and paying good attention to details is a must
  • Ability to manage their task and make sure to deliver it before the deadline
  • Able to work well with other team members and help each other when needed
  • Able to communicate well with other people in the team & company

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