Building Barter, revolutionizing influencer marketing
Itsavirus Team
Updated on Jan 24, 2024

Published At: October 11, 2023

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audiences. However, one of the key challenges in influencer marketing is the difficulty of collaboration and the lack of scalable tools.

This is exactly where Barter comes in.

Not merely as a platform, but as a catalyst for change in influencer marketing. Dismantling barriers. Streamlining collaboration.

The problems Barter is solving

At the start of this project, the Barter team pinpointed three main challenges for companies to  collaborate with influencers:

  • Time-Consuming Collaboration: The traditional approach to influencer marketing necessitates deals to be struck on an individual basis, leading to a laborious and time-consuming process.
  • Lack of Scalable Tools: Many businesses grapple with the absence of tools that can streamline campaign management and efficiently handle influencer collaborations at scale.
  • Transparency Gap: Measuring the impact of influencer campaigns has been challenging, often shrouded in ambiguity. Smaller businesses, in particular, find it challenging to gain insights into the effectiveness of their influencer partnerships. This is unless they work with large advertising agencies, who can take on this process at a hefty fee.

Barter simplifies collaboration and brings transparency to influencer marketing

Together with the Amsterdam based team of Barter, we managed to solve these key challenges in influencer marketing. Working together with Influencers and Creators is now as easy as ordering pizza.

So, how does it work?

On the Barter platform, companies can effortlessly propose deals, known as "Barters," that influencers can review and choose to accept. After companies created a Barter, using their goodies and giveaways, Influencers find the Barthers through the Barter app and start to apply.

  • Creating Barters: On the Barter platform, companies can seamlessly propose Barters, offering influencers exciting incentives and giveaways.
  • Influencer Discovery: Influencers discover these Barters through the Barter app and can apply for collaborations that resonate with them.
  • Collaboration Launch: Companies select their preferred creators and influencers to collaborate with, kickstarting their campaigns. Influencers create and share content, tagging the companies on their social media profiles, igniting engagement.
  • Community Growth: As Barter campaigns run, companies benefit from a growing customer base and community.

Barter doesn't merely facilitate connections with large influencers; it also opens doors to local heroes—those with smaller follower bases but significant influence in specific local areas or niches of interest. For influencers, Barter is a no-brainer, offering clear and transparent collaboration opportunities.

The Tech

Behind Barter's user-friendly interface lies a strong and solid tech stack. The platform's backend is developed using Go, leveraging the Gin framework for unmatched speed, scalability, and reliability. On the frontend, Barter uses React and React native to provide a seamless and engaging user experience.

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