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Webinar: The next wave of mobility disruptions

On September 23 we will host the first of a series of free and inspirational quarterly webinars. In this first webinar, our presenters will share their ideas on how the next decade in mobility may turn out.

Are you active in the mobility eco-system? Join us on September 23, 4pm / 6pm (GMT +8)

The global transportation infrastructure is going through speedy and unprecedented change. Mobility - as we know it - is undergoing a range of fundamental changes. These changes are driven by technical advances, social developments, and changes in patterns of demand and ownership. In the past decade, we have witnessed the rise of the ‘first wave’ of these developments. Companies like Uber, Whim have been founded. Tesla, Lync, and Google are experimenting with electric, shared ownership, and autonomous vehicles.

In this webinar, we will shed some light on how the next decade may turn out. We will do this with 5 presentations from entrepreneurs and technology experts, all of whom are waist-deep in the swirling currents of change, developing the next generation of technology and mobility solutions for the 21st century.


  • Speakers

Bhaskar Deol

Bhaskar is co-founder and CEO of eDRV — an Amsterdam-based software startup focusing on connected electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Bhaskar will discuss their Stripe-like ease of integration and functionality to Electric Vehicle charging.


Amit Gupta

Yulu is the biggest micro-mobility solution in India that helps reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Prior to starting Yulu, Amit co-founded InMobi that is India’s first profitable internet unicorn. Amit played an instrumental role in building InMobi’s revenue engine and its expansion in 15+ countries.

Alex Danilov

Alex Danilov

Communications professional and experience in technology startups.18+ years experience in consulting, communications and internet startups in Russia and Singapore. Extensive knowledge of product development.


Rajarshi Rakesh Sahai

Rajarshi is an experienced general manager with substantial expertise in leading companies in the mobility ecosystem. He is currently active at Adaptive City Mobility. Rajarshi will discuss new the forms of vehicles in the next decade.

Alex Puig

Alex is a software developer and tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in Blockchain and self-sovereign identity (SSI). Alex will discuss SSI in the context of the mobility domain.

Jochem Verheul

Jochem is a tech entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in managing teams and large projects. He has been very active in the smart city context, with a special focus on mobility. Jochem will discuss and present a single wallet system for MaaS applications

Are you active in the mobility domain?

Discover new innovations, join us on September 23