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At Itsavirus we like to talk, but we love to take action even more. When we see a challenge in a market, we become eager to develop great software to solve it.
Melalie enables municipalities and property owners to establish sustainable transport services that benefit both the environment and the community.
The platform provides an effortless user experience, offering access to locally managed electric vehicle fleets and charging stations. It allows users to control and monitor their environmental footprint directly.
Melalie is currently operational in Indonesia. Many businesses, including restaurants and hotels, utilize the platform to supervise their electric vehicle fleets, aligning with Indonesia's ambitious plan to make 25% of all vehicles electric by 2035.
Great user experience for users and operators.
Deploy fully electric micro-mobility fleets.
Collaborative and incentivize local entrepreneurs
Create hubs and charging stations
Manage and collect carbon credits for your fleet
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Leap box: streamline collaboration for development teams.
Leap box provides software development teams and agencies with easy to use tools to improve workflow and communication. Initially developed for internal use, now available for everyone.
Within the Leap.Box, clients can login and see progress of their projects, team information, invoices and much more. Teams can find tools to easily notify team members and clients about their WFH status, sick leave, holidays and more. No more surprises. 
Great user experience for users and operators.
Deploy and manage development teams more easily
Improve collaboration with your clients
Know who is working from where
Support WFA, WFH or hybrid working
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