Before Myadbooker, placing an advertisement on a digital billboard required emailing, signing proposals and phonecalls. We digitised this process by connecting digital billboards to the same protocols used in online advertisements.

Myadbooker is the worlds first SSP and digital exchange for Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertisements. We have developed Myadbooker together with CS Digital Media.

The first campaign on the Myadbooker platform was the Christmas campaign for Coca Cola. For this campaign we connected a Kinect camera that could track the arrival of metro’s. We communicated the arrival of the metro via the bid request to the advertiser, allowing Coca Cola to do show their advertisements at the moment the doors of the metro opened.

With Myadbooker we won the largest Dutch media innovation awards. Check the case study made Cadreon (the media company for Coca Cola).