Software that allows luggage transport to and from the airport, so travelers can pack heavy but travel freely

Bagpoint is an Amsterdam based software company, developing a cutting edge luggage management platform. It allows travelers to check-in their luggage in advance.

Bagpoint app

When a traveler has checked in luggage, a Bagpoint employee will pickup the luggage and do the actual check in of the luggage at the airport. This means the traveler does not have to wait in line at the airport and it gives airports the possibility to handle all incoming luggage in a more efficient way. Travelers can pack heavy but travel freely because their luggage is already on it's way to their next destination.Travelers can also bring their luggage to one of the Bagpoint hubs.

During the Covid-19 crisis, Bagpoint suddenly became even more relevant. Using technology from Bagpoint, travelers can avoid long queues and respect the social distancing protocols by checking in their luggage remotely.

For Bagpoint we have first designed their mobile applications, this was a joint effort with Nick Vogel. At this moment we are taking care of the technical realization of the applications.

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