About us

Itsavirus is a software company, fully dedicated to develop smart city technology. With a relative small group of people, we work on great projects that have a positive impact all over the world.

We embrace open source and like to share knowledge. In everything we do we aim to deliver the best result. We use a combination of Scrum and Objective Key Results (OKR’s) to achieve operational excellence. More over, we aim to have a lot of fun while working as well!


A company can only be as good as the people that work there. This is why we nurture an open culture based on mutual respect, close collaboration and professional excellence. Every day we aim to become 1% better at our jobs. To organise our projects and tasks in an efficient way, we have adopted the Agile principles inspired by the implementation of Spotify.



Do you have a project in mind?

Whether you're working at a startup and need to develop a product from scratch. Or if you're at a large company, looking for a highly talented crew to work on innovative projects. We would love to hear from you.

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Winning feels good!

With our venture MyAdbooker, we won the most prestigious innovation awards in the Netherlands, the 2015 AMMA Awards and the Cross media awards.